Would you like to order a Private Taxi Tour to visit and discover the highlights in the Netherlands or do you want a nice day out with friends or family to a museum or amusement park and be brought there in a luxurious way?

Deluxe Taxi Holland offers you the possibility to rent a luxurious and stylish car with a private driver.

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When you book a private cab tour with Deluxe Taxi Holland you can always count on the highest quality and the best service.

We offer luxury cars for your transportation, such as a Tesla Model S or Model X, Mercedes E-Class, S-Class or V-Class, Audi A8, or BMW 7 Series.

Are you traveling with a group? Then you can count on a Mercedes V-Class. All our cars are equipped with luxury conveniences such as leather upholstery, seat heating, drinks, a telephone connection and wifi. So you will be transported in luxury, with your own private driver, just a bit different than you are used to. With a luxury private cab tour you can be sure that you will be served at your beck and call. And all that at a competitive rate!

We will do everything we can to meet your needs. Submit your ideas to us and we will be happy to agree on a fixed daily rate. Of course, we can also give you suggestions to make your private cab tour a very pleasant experience. Enjoy comfort and luxury during your trip. We always transport you in style, without cab signs and with a very representative driver who speaks several languages.










Private Taxi Tours

A private Taxi Tour with Deluxe Taxi Holland is always a tour in style. We have the most luxurious, stylish and comfortable cars you could ever wish for. We drive without cab designation and that always gives an extra special touch to your day. You can of course choose one luxury cab but also a group tour with a number of luxury cars. You indicate your departure time and how long you want to stay somewhere. Of course you can change your mind at any time, fall in love with a special place along the way and redesign your tour. Also for a romantic day out with your loved one, a Deluxe Private Taxi Tour is a perfect way to spend your day in luxury and romance.


Private Taxi Tours business

Do you have a (foreign) business relation visiting you and would you like to offer them a special day? We offer you the possibility to book a luxury car and give your business relation a fantastic day in any environment you wish. Your business relation will certainly appreciate being offered a luxury business cab. A perfect way to pamper him or her! We offer transportation with the most luxurious cars, equipped with every comfort. Let your guest enjoy style during a special trip on a beautiful spot in our beautiful country. Our luxury cars will transport your client with style and comfort and that will certainly be appreciated.

Private Taxi Tours


Duration of the tour is approximately: 4 hours

The Keukenhof has been around since 1642 and is a garden with an area of thirty-two hectares. This garden offers a total of more than seven million flowers in every possible color that cover everything and have a splendor of color that makes a special impression. Moreover, every year since its opening, new decorations have been shown. The park guarantees a walk of several hours and is more of an art exhibition than a tourist site. Enjoy the colors and scents in the breathtaking Keukenhof and be transported in style with Deluxe Taxi Holland. A visit to this spectacular park is an unforgettable experience not to be missed.


Duration of the tour is approximately: 4 hours

Madurodam in The Hague is a miniature world where you will learn about the Dutch landscape in an educational and fun way. It depicts the Dutch cities and countryside through more than seven hundred models of buildings from all over the country. The park has a total area of more than six square kilometers and guarantees several hours of fun. Discover traditional Dutch houses in small models, our airport and special buildings in an unusual way. An enjoyable day for young and old!


Duration of the tour is approximately: 6 hours
Giethoorn is also called the “Venice of Holland” and for good reason! Tourists rush to this special place in Overijssel for a canoe trip on the canals of this romantic place full of water. Are you looking for romance and charm? This place is magical and the perfect way to admire a historic village up close.


Duration of the tour is 2 hours minimum and depends on what you want to visit in Amsterdam.
Would you like to book a private cab tour Amsterdam? It’s a great idea! With a private tour you get to see much more of Amsterdam during your stay. We will gladly take you to the nicest and most popular places Amsterdam has to offer. Visit famous landmarks like the centuries old Amsterdam canal houses, famous museums and beautiful parks. Get to know our historic and modern green city that attracts so many tourists every year. We will be happy to discuss the possibilities and help you select the best day out for an interesting day in Amsterdam. We will tailor the program for your day entirely to your personal wishes.


Duration of the tour depends on the locations you want to visit.

Our cab tour Paleis het Loo and Kröller-Müller Museum will take you to the most beautiful places in the Netherlands, in all the comfort and luxury you deserve. Would you like to see the former royal palace of the Netherlands with the special gardens surrounding it? Do you love art and in particular Van Gogh and sculpture? Then this tour is for you. Although these beautiful places are not in Amsterdam they are definitely worth a visit. With our luxury cab service with excellent driver you’ll be there in no time. With the Paleis Het Loo and Kröller-Müller Museum cab tour you will experience an unforgettable day that you really wouldn’t want to miss. This tour offers both sights in one day.


Duration of the tour is approximately: 6 hours

Would you like to visit four different and strong points in the Netherlands during a special tour? Then go to Volendam, Edam, Marken and the Zaanse Schans. In the Zaanse Schans you will find beautiful old mills with small stores and old crafts. During a walk you will see everything from the production of clogs to that of cheese, from the sawing of wood to the manufacture of groundnut oil and color pigments. The mills are a rich heritage and ecomuseum but also a picturesque place full of charm. It is a fantastic and peaceful place in the countryside, close to Amsterdam. Edam is a small town and has a special attraction that everyone knows: Edam Cheese. Marken is an island with a typical charm with green houses, a harbor and a lighthouse. The picturesque fishing villages of Volendam and Marken are the special final destination of your roundtrip.


The duration of your private tour Paris depends on your wishes

Are you visiting the Netherlands and would like to see more of Europe? Then a visit to Paris is more than worthwhile. Whether you like shopping or sightseeing, walking or architecture, Paris offers something for everyone. A visit to Paris always guarantees a special day. We are happy to drive you with a private tour to Paris, where you can enjoy all the beauty Europe has to offer. Would you like to combine your visit to Paris with a visit to another city in France or perhaps Brussels? We arrange everything according to your wishes. Our experienced drivers know all the beautiful places in Paris and beyond. Of course we adapt ourselves completely to your needs.


The duration of your private tour Brussels depends on your requirements.

Our country is beautiful, but not very big. Therefore, visiting the Netherlands means that you can quickly be abroad. That’s why it’s worth visiting a city like Brussels, in Belgium. With our private tour Brussels you will visit all the special places in this beautiful city and you can store to your heart’s content, see tourist attractions or admire the special architecture. Would you like to combine your private tour Brussels with a visit to another city or region in Belgium? Of course that is also possible. Perhaps you would like to visit Paris or another special city in Belgium, like Ghent or Bruges. Whatever your wishes, we make sure you have a special day and that you are served at your beck and call.


The duration of your amusement park private tour is entirely up to you and a minimum of 5 hours.

The Netherlands may be small, but our country has a lot to offer. Would you like to spend a relaxing day in our small country or do you want to see something else than a tourist attraction? Then a visit to one of our amusement parks is a great idea. Experience a wonderful day at Duinrell or Drievliet near The Hague, visit fairytale characters and take the roller coaster in De Efteling in Brabant, let us take you to Toverland in Limburg or choose the great roller coaster Walibi in the middle of the country. Whatever you choose, each amusement park has many attractions that are sure to delight you. With an amusement park private tour you will have a wonderful day and discover a whole other side of the Netherlands. On the way you can enjoy all the luxury and comfort, we bring you with a nice sedan or a business van.

Batavia City

TThe duration of your private tour Batavia City depends on your wishes

Would you like to travel to Batavia City with a luxury cab? That is a great idea! Nothing is more fun than enjoying a day in a real fashion city and being brought there in all luxury. During this fun trip you will be picked up with a luxurious new car without a cab sign. Of course you will be warmly welcomed by a professionally dressed and experienced private driver. Isn’t that exactly what fits a day of fashion shopping with top fashion brands?

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