Mercedes Mini Van VIP Transport

Exclusive VIP Group Transportation

Book a VIP cab for 20 people

Looking for a VIP cab for 20 people?
Deluxe Taxi Holland’s Mercedes Minibus group transportation offers the ultimate VIP experience. Group transportation with Deluxe Taxi Holland’s exclusive Mercedes minibus services offer an exclusive VIP experience and the ultimate in luxury and comfort. Whether you are looking for a luxury cab for 20 people for a special occasion or need reliable and stylish business transportation, our Mercedes minibus guarantees an unforgettable experience.

Exclusive Mini Van VIP Transportation Vehicles

Each vehicle is equipped with luxury amenities to make your trip enjoyable. So you will travel in absolute style and comfort!

Elegance and space:
The interior of our Mercedes Minibus

Deluxe Taxi Holland’s luxury Mercedes minibus is specially equipped to meet all your needs
With a spacious and elegant interior, it accommodates multiple passengers while still allowing you to experience the intimacy and exclusivity of private transportation. The interior is sleek, offers a statement of class and ensures a smooth and comfortable ride no matter your destination. Upon boarding, you will be surprised by the chic and inviting appearance of our minivan. The interior space is expertly designed, with ample legroom and personal space, allowing for both relaxing and productive journeys. The interior features luxurious leather seats that ensure maximum comfort during your trip. Our minibus also features an advanced entertainment and navigation system, so relaxation will never be far away.

















Enjoy your personal cab bus 20 people

If you want to book a luxury cab for 20 people, our Mercedes minibus for group transportation guarantees a luxurious trip.
It is equipped with mood lighting and climate control, making every ride a customized experience. Whether you prefer a cool, business environment or a warm, relaxing atmosphere, we ensure that the ambiance perfectly suits your mood or the purpose of your trip. Want to enjoy a drink along the way or make a toast to a successful business venture? Our Mercedes minibus is equipped with a mini fridge full of refreshing drinks. The seats are adjustable and air-conditioned. This allows each passenger to create their own comfort zone.

In short, using a Mercedes minibus offers many advantages for your group transportation and ensures that you enjoy a premium travel experience.


Exceptional service: our professional drivers

At Deluxe Taxi Holland, we understand better than anyone that luxury transportation is more than just traveling from A to B.
Your group transportation is an experience that adds to the quality of your group outing, event or work day. Therefore, our team of professional drivers is trained to get you to your destination safely and punctually. In addition, your driver will ensure impeccable service and absolute discretion. Are you convinced? For your next business meeting, airport transfer or that one special occasion, choose the luxury and comfort of our Mercedes minibus. Let us organize the perfect trip for you and enjoy all the extras.

Book your trip with Deluxe Taxi Holland today and experience for yourself the definition of modern transportation in style.









Business cab for 20 people

Need cab group transportation for 20 people for a corporate event?
The use of our luxury Mercedes minibus offers a professional appearance. The minibus has an elegant design and an impressive appearance, ensuring a positive first impression when picking up of guests or clients. Renting our Mercedes minibus for group transportation is a perfect way to show that you value quality and comfort for your employees and associates. The vehicle is also equipped with advanced safety features to ensure a safe journey. guarantee. And did you know that our minibus has Wi-Fi and charging points for electronic devices? This is how we ensure that our business travelers can remain productive while on the road.All this allows you to deliver a clear professional message. All this allows you to convey a clear professional message while your passengers enjoy a premium travel experience. Need multiple minibuses? No problem, Deluxe Taxi Holland will arrange it for you.