Hire a private chauffeur

Hire a private driver

Hiring a private chauffeur for business transportation or a private affair? Deluxe Taxi Holland offers very favorable rates.

Would you like to hire a private chauffeur? At Deluxe Taxi Holland you have the choice of two options. You can hire a driver to drive you everywhere in your own car. However, you also have the option to hire a private driver including luxury transport in one of our cars.


Safe private travel?

Choose our cab with corona prevention!


With our chauffeur services, we will take you wherever you want to go, whenever you want to go.

Are you looking for (a car with) a private driver for your work or for a private occasion?

Deluxe Taxi Holland offers an excellent service at a competitive price. Our drivers are honest, discrete, professional and dedicated and will ensure that you lack nothing on the way. You can choose: do you want to be transported with our chauffeurs in your own car, or do you opt for the most luxurious cars, equipped with all luxury comforts? Whatever your wishes, with our professional service you will always be appropriately transported, whether you want a driver for business travel, a wedding, transport to a vacation destination.










Do you go out all day and normally drive yourself? Then you know that driving for long periods of time can be enormously energy and time consuming.

If you use our chauffeur services, however, you can relax and recover during a busy day. If you make a business trip, then you can continue to work carefree on the road and immediately have a day with lots of productive work time. By using our or your own car as a mobile office, you can spend your time very efficiently. Do you want to hire a private driver because of an injury or do you have a networking event and don’t want to drive yourself afterwards? Even then you can use us and enjoy the benefits of our professional chauffeur services.


Whether you choose to hire a private driver for your own car or one of our cars, in either case you can count on an experienced professional.

Your private chauffeur is dressed professionally and presentably and will do everything possible to make you as comfortable as possible during your ride. His driving style is impeccable and he is prepared for any occasion. Our drivers speak multiple languages and are therefore perfectly suited for trips for foreign guests. Do you want your guests to be transported in a luxury car or do you want to be transported in luxury yourself? The choice is yours. Deluxe Taxi Holland will take care of a comfortable ride in both cases.


Would you like to hire a private chauffeur including luxury transportation?

Then your chauffeur will pick you up in a comfortable vehicle such as a Mercedes E-class or S-class, an Audi A8, a Tesla S model or a BMW 7 series Luxe.

Would you like to go out with more people, then our mercedes V class is a suitable alternative. Naturally, our cars are equipped with all possible luxuries, such as leather upholstery, wifi, drinks and a telephone connection. This has the added advantage that you can relax more and at the end of the day still have enough energy left for other relaxing activities. That’s double the benefit of our professional chauffeur services!









Competitive prices for our services

We offer our chauffeur services at competitive prices. Request a quote from three hours a day and we will transport you wherever you want to go.

Would you like to book a private driver for a shorter time? Even then we offer our services at competitive prices. In that case, please contact us for a tailor-made offer.

Free of charge cancellation

Up to 24 hours before pickup.

Flight Tracking

Driver will monitor your flight.

Licensed drivers

Maximum comfort and safety.

24/7 Support

Dedicated customer service.

Do you have any questions or comments? Then please contact us directly. We will be happy to inform you about the possibilities and rates.