Executive chauffeur needed? We are at your service!


Are you looking for an executive chauffeur?

At Deluxe Taxi Holland, we know exactly what you expect. With many regular customers in the government and various companies, we are completely set up for customized transportation. Therefore, we can offer you excellent executive transportation that meets all your needs. Complete unburdening, that is what we aim for. Whether it is a short trip or a long one, chauffeur services on a contract basis or just a single trip, we are always there for you with the best possible service!


Our fleet of executive transportation vehicles

Deluxe Taxi Holland has a wide selection of vehicles, each of which will meet your needs.
We specialize in luxury transportation and offer you a comfortable, safe and discreet journey, with every comfort on board. Our fleet includes a Jaguar XJ Luxury, Mercedes E-Class, Mercedes S-Class, Audi A8, Tesla Model S or Model X and a BMW 7 Series. For group transportation, we offer a Mercedes V-class bus. Whether you want executive transportation for a roadshow service, luxury airport transportation, a corporate event or a meeting, we are here for you. Your executive chauffeur will make sure you are completely unburdened during your trip.

The executive chauffeur of Deluxe Taxi Holland

A good executive driver knows what is expected of him.

He is well trained and certified, knows his vehicle, has a good knowledge of the roads at home and abroad, and is a jack of all trades for service.

All of our executive chauffeurs meet the quality standards you are entitled to expect. They are committed to safety and comfort and ensure a clean, fresh and representative car and a reliable ride. Of course, your executive chauffeur is always dressed representatively, articulate, on time and well prepared. If you wish, he can also assist you with minor services during his waiting time during your appointment. Of course, our chauffeurs also have absolute confidentiality obligations. 

Why choose an executive chauffeur?

High-level executive transportation

Professionalism, style, discretion and safety. This is the standard with us!

Our drivers are licensed and know all about personal security and vehicle control.

We regularly transport government officials, members of boards of directors, executives and entrepreneurs. We are therefore used to providing VIP treatment and everything that comes with it.

Are you looking for luxury executive transportation to a destination at home or abroad? We guarantee the fastest route to your destination and make sure you arrive there rested. We are available seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day. Of course, you can always rely on a top-of-the-line car and driver.









Book your executive transportation directly online

Want to book an executive chauffeur for a business meeting, roadshow, airport transportation or any other chauffeur service?

Choose executive transportation in a first class car with a carefully selected driver. Deluxe Taxi Holland offers excellent quality and a good team of skilled drivers. We always have a driver available, whatever your requirements.

You can book directly online. Would you prefer to make arrangements for an executive chauffeur on a contractual basis? If so, please contact us with no obligation. We are readily available to discuss your requirements.