Artist transportation

Exclusive Artist Transportation for a VIP Experience


Are you an artist, DJ, entertainer, top football player, or are you regularly in the spotlight for some other reason?
Deluxe Taxi Holland understands your unique needs. That’s why we offer not only a luxury transportation service for artists; but also a truly customized VIP experience.

Exclusive Luxury Vehicles

Our fleet consists of the most exclusive and prestigious cars, including the Jaguar XJ Luxury, Tesla Model S or Model X, BMW 7 Series, Audi A8, Mercedes E-Class and Mercedes S-Class.
Each vehicle is equipped with luxury amenities to make your trip enjoyable. So you travel in absolute style and comfort

Private Drivers

At Deluxe Taxi Holland, you will always have your own experienced and professional private driver at your disposal.
Our drivers are trained to be discreet, professional and provide customized service so that you can fully relax during your trip.

















Longer rental periods

Do you need chauffeured transportation for a specific period or several days, for a tour or a series of performances?
We are at your service, including any company you may have!

Why choose artist transportation from Deluxe Taxi Holland?

We understand that an artist’s needs go beyond just arranging transportation from A to B. That’s why our artist transportation offers many benefits to make your trip extra comfortable.

Deluxe Taxi Holland believes that your trip is more than just transportation. With our artist transportation, we are happy to arrange an experience completely customized for you. Step into our luxury vehicles and discover the difference. We don’t compromise when it comes to your comfort and satisfaction.

Integrated Service

Our only goal is to make sure you are always at your destination on time, so you can maintain your schedule meticulously. If you wish, your driver is always nearby so you never have to wait.

Comfort & Luxury

We like to pamper you before or after a performance, because that's when relaxing is a must. In addition to luxury transportation, you can also enjoy extra luxury with us in the form of drinks, food or other special requests for the road.

Transportation for cast, crew, friends or family

Would you like to travel with your company, family or friends? Do you also need transportation for your crew? We provide an excellent trip for everyone and ensure that your party arrives comfortably and on time as well.

Seamless Transition

We take you effortlessly from one gig to the next, whether in the same city or internationally. This allows you to concentrate fully on your creative process and performance and step on stage with confidence.

Airport and hotel transfers

We provide seamless and comfortable transfers to and from airports and hotels, both domestic and international. Our meet-and-greet service ensures a smooth arrival.

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Don’t wait any longer. Book your exclusive artist transportation with Deluxe Taxi Holland today and enjoy the ultimate VIP experience. You deserve nothing less than the very best.